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Brock Collection is a women’s luxury ready-to-wear label founded by Laura Vassar Brock and Kristopher Brock in 2014. The Los Angeles-based house was established out of a shared aesthetic intellect between the two designers—one that draws equally from a sun-kissed, natural élan and a sophisticated, down-to-earth composite of beauty.

The result is that Brock Collection occupies a rarefied space of lived-in romance and thoughtful whimsy; it connects the dazzling (and not always easy to traverse) threads between uptown polish and boardwalk ease. And, as the line has grown, its hallmarks have remained: a combined sense of opulence and purpose, a focus on craft and cut, and a resultant signature of distinct yet universally lovely charm.


The pair—a couple in both romance and profession—met in New York City while attending Parsons School of Design. Their partnership began when Kris asked Laura to be a fit model for a wedding dress he'd created. From that day forth, the two discovered that they functioned better as a team, and continued to collaborate on design projects that would later culminate in the formation of Brock Collection. 

After Parsons, Kris would sharpen his skills as a tailor while freelance assisting at runway shows for brands including Calvin Klein, Diane von Furstenberg, and Tommy Hilfiger. Laura worked under the designer Olivier Theyskens’ during his tenure at Theory. Their resumés shine through in their approach: Brock Collection’s fits and structures are impeccable and innovative, and its quality is top-bar—every piece is made with a couture-like exactitude—while remaining usable in the everyday.

Fall 2014 saw Brock Collection’s first delivery, and, shortly thereafter, Kris and Laura settled permanently in Southern California. In 2016, Brock Collection was selected as a finalist for the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Award. In November of that year, the line took the prestigious competition’s top prize. Brock Collection is now sold globally.

With detail-oriented precision always informing their process, Kris and Laura have taken Brock Collection into a singular realm, inspired not necessarily by the physical or the calculable, but by an attuned awareness of what’s cool, what’s beautiful, what’s smart and, ultimately, what’s special. These factors are what fuel their vision, season after season.

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