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Resort 2019




Romance is an essential aspect what inspires us. This season, we’ve unfurled the theme to points away from the city, distilling it amongst a more pastoral, nostalgic-yet-contemporary woodside setting. 


Be it with airs of bucolic Chesapeake or verdant Hudson, there’s a rustic, East Coast bloodline coursing through this scene—morning-soft ginghams on ruffled day-dresses, faded New England blue floral prints on trenches, houndstooth mini-checks on trousers—that’s still sportive, and always in line with the soft, easy elegance that constitutes Brock Collection’s blueprint. 


There’s a certain rawness and openness apparent, as well—evinced by a broader than ever array of fabrics, ranging from light to mid-weight cottons, taffetas, poplins, voiles, even sun-struck velvet wraps. The scope of textiles reflects both growth and a kind of new spirit—one as layered and lush as the countryside of which we’ve dreamt. It’s a place, or many places, where the seasons arc and bend with both kinetics and quietude, and where one might feel the license to get a little bit lost in the high grass or the forested shadows—ultimately, then, the romantic sensation for Resort is one of... well, unbridled freedom. And there are few feelings more lovely than that. 

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